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What i do

I create both the front end and back end of your web site or application

Technical Consultation

I offer a free technical consultation in which I meet with you to gather information about your business and goals. This allows me to understand what type of web functionality would simplify, and speed up your daily business operations, or even eliminate some task all together.


Any successful project such as a website requires a special attention to detail at every phase of the project. Having a clear idea of the expected outcome at the beginning of a project ensures your original goals will be meet. I compare what you want to different web technologies, giving you an array of options allowing you to choose the solution meant for you.


No matter how great a website is, depending on if the design is aesthetically pleasing or not will determine if a user will stay or leave your site. I’m a true fan of effective design principles. I employ modern web trends and design standards in all my responsive designs. Merging your brand into digital tolls while keeping the integrity of our brand is the focus of my designs.

My six step Work process

clear and straightforward workflow

Information Gathering

This initial stage involves a getting a solid understanding of the your company. Here I define your business goals.



On the basis of the information that was gathered together in the previous phase, a site-map is created to help visualize the overall structure of the website and what features it will have.



This is where the visual layout of the website begins to take shape. Using information gathered from the client in the planning phase, begin designing the layout.



This is where the bulk of the work happens. At this point I code your ideas and goals into working web software.



I run all the developed features through a through testing process to ensure your sites works properly and free of bugs.



After the project is completed, you may want to edit your content at your own will. If this is a requirement, I build custom Wordpress allowing you to author your content.

Brands I've worked on

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Front-End Developer

About me

I am excited about new web technologies that enhance and innovate the way in which we communicate and interact with each other and the world. Our goal is to provide my clients with the best that the web has to offer, keeping them up to date and ahead of the game.

The future of the internet is bright and we are only in the infancy of the webs lifecycle, I plan to evolve as a developer taking the world of technology to its next phase.

10 Years of professional experience
2015 Bugs smashed
46,930 Pixels created
702,890 Satisfied users


I provide cutting edge web features and services.

    Wepp apps are websites that look feel, and function like a desktop application.

  • Facebook
    Facebook Integrations
    Facebook Integration

    Leverage the power of your Facebook data and users to add a social environment to your website or application.

  • Wordpress
    Content Management

    Manage any part of your website with a custom built Wordpress theme.

  • Responsive Design
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    Responsive Design

    Responsive design is a website built to respond to any device.

  • E-Commerce

    Manage your business and products from your backend dashboard with custom Shopify integration.

  • Audio Integrations

    Pay and sell your music from Soundcloud or Spotify on your site.

  • Youtube Api
    Youtube Api
    Youtube Api

    Stream and customize your youtube videos on your site.

  • S.E.O

    Boost your search engine ranking with a search engine optimization campaign.

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Why hire me

I provide high quality services at affordable prices.
  • Save money

    The truth is that most website development agencies charge a lot. While they may deliver a great website but they have to pay for overheads too and that gets added to your bill. I save you money by cutting out the overhead of employee cost.

  • Diverse set of skills

    Freelancers also try to bring in diversity in their skill sets so that they can cater to more types of clients. This brings in flexibility and you have more options on how you want your website to be.

  • Responsive to your needs

    I can answer your questions right away. As such, any changes, suggestions, or comments can be delivered without delay. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small project or a big one as your needs will always be met without delay.

  • Consistency

    I wear many different hats as I build your website. This can include graphic design, copywriting, photography, UX design, and more. One person working on all aspects of your website can help keep your site’s design and tone consistent.

  • Speed

    I make decisions and move faster than a large design firm. Design revisions happen more quickly when there is a smaller group doing the coordinating. I can more closely work around you particular schedule.

  • Experience

    I have over 10 years working in the field on large successful enterprise projects, including General Motors, Mastercard, Verizon Wireless, Ford automotive dealerships.